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Little Notes Music Together® ONLINE for Spring 2020


1st Child: $165 for remaining weeks as of 4/28/20

All additional siblings:  FREE for just this session


Classes Weekly:

One pre-recorded 30-minute class

available beginning on Wednesday mornings.


One live 30-minute Zoom class on Saturdays at 10:30 am.


Several pre-recorded "mini" classes, throughout the week.


The pre-recorded classes will be available for the length of the session and can be viewed as many times as you like.


If schools reopen, we will resume classes in our normal space, and the class time will be Saturdays at 10:30 am.


Due to Covid-19, Little Notes will be conducting our classes ONLINE for the Spring 2020 session. There will be pre-recorded classes and one live Zoom class on Saturday mornings (see above).

The pre-recorded classes will be available through a private Facebook group, for enrolled families only. When you register for the class you will be invited to join the private Facebook group.

The live class will be done through Zoom, which is an interactive online space. You will be able to see the teacher, and each other through this space. You do not have to be on Facebook to access ZOOM. We have put every possible security in place regarding Zoom.

Lastly there will be a variety of online downloads available including activity sheets and coloring pages. 

If you are comfortable doing a curbside pickup, I will be making the materials available. Your materials include a songbook, CD, and parent guide. If you prefer everything to be online, codes to access all materials will be available.


Welcome to Music Together Online!

I want to give you a little bit of info about the Music Together Online experience. Keep in mind that how students behave in an online class is likely to be similar to how they react during an in-person class. Young children learn best through moving and playing, and Music Together Online is no different. When your child is engaging in an online class, they will likely NOT sit still and be passive. It is very normal and developmentally appropriate for a child to be moving around, dancing, and playing while the class is going on. If your child is a kinesthetic learner, this is a typical reaction. They are learning and listening while they are moving. Sometimes a child will be very active, and you may think that they are not listening, but rest assured, they are.

Occasionally children are passive while watching an online class, and if they are that likely means that they are processing and thinking about what is going on, and they will likely show musical behaviors later in the day.

I know that screen time is a concern for many of you, and it is for me as well, however Music Together Online is not your typical online video. Music Together online, just like Music Together in person is meant to be an immersive and interactive experience for you and your child. Just like you would in an in-person class, it is expected and encouraged that parents interact with their child, and model musical behaviors. Children learn best through modeling and repetition, so the more that you interact with the class, the more your child will interact as well.

Please be aware that our live class on Saturday is a Zoom class. I have put in place every possible security regarding the Zoom call, and I am confident that everyone who enters the class is supposed to be there. To that end you are required to either use the direct link with an embedded password, or manually type in the meeting code and password. This helps to ensure that everyone who enters the class is supposed to be in the class.

Looking forward to meeting you and your child, and I hope you enjoy your class!


We offer Mixed Age Classes for ages 3 months to 5 years


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